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​​​​​​​Welcome to BIKEBUZZ,​​ ​​orange-alpine-160-0 copy.pnga fully insured mobile cycle mechanic, located near the Chilterns in South​​​​ Bucks on the borders of Middlesex & Berkshire and covering all areas from Beaconsfield to Uxbridg​e, Amersham to Windsor, including Gerrards Cross and The Chalfonts.

​With over 20 years of experience of riding & repairing all types of bikes, from Road to BMX's, we also specialise in Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and have extensive workshop to cover every servicing and repair required. As a fully insured & ​qualified Cytech 2 mechanic, your bike will be in safe hands to get you back on the road, trail or mountain! 


Servicing your bike could not be ​​​​​​​​​​​​any easier, at your home, plac​​e of work, o​​r where ever is convenient. There​​​​ is also a collection and delivery service available as well, that can be at a time that suits your busy lifestyle. If you have two or more bikes, we can offer a tailored price depending on the level of service you require, and the number of bikes. 

Family discount are available if there are more than 4 bikes, and including at least 2 adult bikes, children's bikes are priced depending on the type gears they use.​

​​ Servicing & Maintenance 

This is necessary for all modern bikes, many have multiple gear systems that require precise adjustment to enable them to run correctly, we recommend​ that you get the transmission checked at least every 6 months or 1000 mi​les of riding depending on how often you use your bike.

Also, there are many bikes that now come with suspens​​​ion ​forks, multi linkage rear suspension and shocks, the​se types of  bikes are usually expensive to repair if not maintained​, it is essential that regular servicing is carried out to prevent damage to these components.  park_tool_logo.png

Skills & Coaching

​​​​​​​​​As a qualified Le​​vel 2 British Cycling Coach, with over 20 years of riding experience and qualified in specific disciplines, Mountain Biking & BMX, we can improve on your current skills and techniques to take you to the next level.

Courses start with basic Mountain Biking skills, then go on progressively to learn new techniques, theses are open to mixed groups, or ladies only groups, kids courses are also available.

Intermediate cour​ses will teach you specific techniques to help you ride better, faster and more confidently! ​

For the more exp​erienced riders, learn how to set up your bike for the optimum​ riding ​position​, and then we can start to work on getting you over those rocks, roots, drops and jumps giving you the confidence to ride those ultimate trails.